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I am Andrea, you may know me as an internet OG, well anyways, I have been hitting the online pavement since the year 2000. 

The possibilities of earning a living on the internet is still in it’s infancy! Entrepreneurs are breaking ground by the thousands DAILY. They can’t keep UP with the dollars that are being spent online!

You may think I was in the right place in the right time. That because I started in the year 2000 I can do it. That this ‘internet’ ship has sailed. THIS IS UTTER NONSENSE!

NOW It's YOUR Turn!.

What do i do best? Share the ways most online businesses suck! 

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Enjoy 21 simple, effective tactics & strategies to radically improve your bottom line

Here’s what I got for you:

What I discovered is 2 simple truths to online success. It’s both – WHAT you know, AND WHO you know.

I am going to be totally honest with you here. There is almost nothing I will tell you that the internet does not have available for free. Did you know that you could teach yourself how to do surgery online? At this point, there is NOTHING that ANYONE has over the web….. and we have all enjoyed and been educated by this fantastic medium.

So why…why, when you have a certain ‘issue’, do YOU still pick up the phone to call a friend?

And why…why, when you want that recipe do you still look in your worn recipe book?

And why…why, when you want something technically challenging to be done, do you call upon someone else, instead of following the free online tutorials?

Why this discovery for you is lifechanging?

It’s not often you come across the ‘WHO’ you know that is packed filled with ‘WHAT’ you need to know as well. I will be modest and shy about a lot. But NOT with my Internet knowledge. NO WAY. I have worked way too hard to not wear this badge with PRIDE.

With my step-by-step guidance you can go from not having a clue what to do to quickly getting into productive and profitable mode, and put money into your bank account.

Why am I offering you all this?

For a few simple reasons.

Imagine if you were Britney Spears’ best friend. Everyone would want a piece of you… to get closer to her.

The internet is my best friend. Everyone want’s to get close to me…. to discover what I know.

This offer was created FOR YOU. I am excited to give you unlimited access. This way we BOTH feel good about it. Maybe a month is all you need.. However I’m betting once you see what we can do to get you started making money you’ll see the enormous value in getting even more advice, input and specific tactics to continue increasing profits and to continue making your business run easily and efficiently

Why Listen to Me?

“Andrea I had an incredible day yesterday, and singlehandedly if there is one person I owe a debt of gratitude to it is you. I don’t mean to sound too touchy-feely but the internet was always kind of a mystery, and just after associating with you a bit, the light went on, and i began to see it simply as another channel or medium for commerce.” – Alex Torres


I’ve helped hundreds of people get started online. I know what I’m doing.

I have also failed miserably … and have a book of lessons learned from it!

If having daily access to someone who charges $250 / hour for their time and is CERTAIN to provide in value untold quantities x’s that amount sounds good to you this will be the most profitable month in your life. But you must get started right away. This offer is limited to ONLY 15 8 remaining spots. This way YOU can get the MOST from me.

What do you need to do now?

Your time is precious – I appreciate that. You want to spend your time wisely, and I want to be 100% certain that I can assist you. So if you’re interested here’s what you need to do right now. There is zero risk. Simply fill out the form below, tell me a little bit about yourself.

"Whats The Catch"?

Well I may NOT just send you emails, in fact from time to time, I may create speacialized videos made just for you with content JUST for you. If you call that a catch, then ok 🙂 .

Love your style. Quick and dirty and get right to the point. I have read and watched boring courses that take hours until I realize I don’t need it. Not in your case.

– Petra Müller
Filled with information all business owner need to hear over and over again. Andrea is like that nagging little voice in your head reminding you of why you started the business in the first place. If you are serious about achieving your Goals, listen to the course. If you are still only a Dreamer and not yet a Doer, spend your money on New Age Pie in the Sky Get Rich Overnight Millionaire Guru Magic course, and wonder why it doesn’t work

– Dennis Carroll
This course came highly recommended and at a "worth checking out" investment. Now that I've reviewed the whole thing, I've gotten 3-4 things to improve on for my own online business. However, if I were new online - I'd say that this is a goldmine of info.

– Scott A Dennison
I am a marketing director tasked with managing a team of web developers and internet marketing professionals who may or may not be as knowledgeable as they say, and before taking this course I knew I had some serious issues with our websites but now I understand the issues better and I feel confident I know how to solve them with my team. This course is valuable for any marketer at any level

– Kristen Everhart
Hi Andrea: Great course!! I enjoyed the concise and useful information you provided! It was right to the point! I also appreciated your prompt response in looking over my website and giving me some immediate suggestions on improving it!

– Randy
This was a quick, to the point course. Her list touched on some very interesting points! Some insights were new to me,and were very informative. Others were things I already knew, but still worth her perspective. Ready to update my site. I thank you Andrea!

– Brian Pye
Great course! Not filled with useless and watery information; instead it is filled with short, straight to the point advises that can be applied by everyone. I already compiled the list with 21 topics discussed in this course and posted it in the wall near my computer; every single change I will make in my website(s) have to undergo through this checklist.

– Dritan Basha
Andrea over delivers in this content. It's both simple and deep. It makes you think about your website and changes you should make.

– Harlan Kilstein