The Human Gears

When I rode a bike many years ago I vowed I would not put myself in that situation again. I honestly thought i would die from overworking my heart and never wanted the feeling again that I would potentially face ANY incline and not be able to make it up.

But that was before I knew or understood the word GEARS.

Since – I have been able to jump on a bike with 100% confidence because I know, even when faced with the steepest hill, if I’m on Gear 1, level 1, it will take a lot more time, but i will get up there.

There is no hill I can’t tackle with gears. I sincerely feel that way. What an insane boost to self esteem.

Gears make things possible.

No gears – minimum performance. Walking a bike up a hill. Giving up.

3 gears- maximum performance.

Thank you to James Starley “In 1871 James Starley invented the Ariel which was probably the first geared bike,”

And now here comes the woo woo biz bit. This past 11 km ride, with an elevation of a km, up and down, I was thinking about careers in digital marketing.

Sometimes businesses get lucky and stumble upon a cool invention or solution and can enjoy a nice wave of success.

But no matter what, if you don’t apply GEARS to your business you will face minimum performance.

And the thing is, that you can do a ton of mini tweaks and lowest gear level stuff and achieve great results… the marketing toolbox is the gear set.

What you choose depends on so many factors.

It’s a great time for businesses to have so many available tools and so many wise and educated consultants and marketers who can be their human GEARS.

Who can tell them which move to take next… when to go hard, and when to go slow.

It’s been a while since I dropped a business post on ya’ll but here you go! If you want to be a human gear and help a business or client perform up to “speed”, you can find me here 🙂

In the meantime, quell the fears, go out and ride a bike up a hill, and enjoy the miracle of gears.